Bluering Risk Rating

The banking sector is facing increasingly strict credit regulations, from BASEL to IFRS9 to national decrees. Complying to those requirements is a big challenge on all banks globally and is forcing them to implement systems and solutions.

Bluering Risk Rating is a module of Bluering Commercial Credit application.

Bluering Risk Rating module covers all the requirements that will allow you to prepare and comply with IFRS9 and BASEL. Namely, Bluering Risk Rating manages all the data relevant for the calculation of ECL and CAR and allows you to generate PD and LGD ratings to all your obligors.

Bluering Risk Rating is a software application that allows you to:

  • Store and manage the financial statements and key financial ratios of obligors

  • Automate the process of validating and approving financial statements

  • Generate risk rating and PD of obligors based on S&P Global risk rating models and scorecards. The models covered are Generic Corporate, Generic SME, Real Estate and High Networth Individual

  • Generate the LGD for all facilities of every obligor based on S&P Global LGD model

  • Manage a complete and flexible approval and review workflow of PD and LGD scores

  • Calculate ECL and manage all stages of obligors as per IFRS9 requirements


Several reports can be generated for analytical purposes, mapping risk rating of customers to actual lending behaviors such as unsettled payments, account activity criterion, and others.


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