SME Credit

SMEs are increasingly becoming a priority in the MENA region, as they form a major driver for today's developing economies. Banks’ financing of SMEs will contribute to the economic development of emerging markets.

For banks to venture into SME lending and ensure profitability, increasing the volume is a must. While this volume increase guarantees profit, it brings with it a considerable volume of work. Therefore, while volume is key, excellence in credit management is crucial. This is where Bluering’s pre-lending solution for SMEs steps in. Bluering SME Credit Management Solution can be tailor-made to serve the bank's requirements, thus empowering entrepreneurship and fostering economic growth.

Bluering SME Credit Management Solution allows to:

  • Detect potential risk of customers prior to lending

  • Enhance data availability

  • Restructure and organizes the credit business process

  • Provide enhanced tools that simplifies financial analyses

  • Offer broader decision-making tools, information and knowledge

  • Provide automatic alerts and updates for all post-lending controls, such as renewal dates, validity dates, maturity dates and payment dates, among others

  • Take the burden of credit files and documents follow-up away from credit analysts and relationship managers, providing them with more time to focus on the credit and risk side of customers.


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