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Bluering Commercial allows Banks and Financial Institutions to automate their commercial credit and lending process.

Bluering Commercial covers the entire cycle of credit analysis for commercial clients to
simplify the analysis process of lending and mitigate/reduce pre-lending risks.

Bluering Commercial allows you to:

Manage the full cycle of credit decision – from the branch until the final decision of credit committees – including the generation of all forms required as supporting documents in a credit file.
Store all financial data of credit customers and generate any financial reports required by credit analysts. It can directly integrate with credit bureaus to gather industry average ratios for comparative analysis.
Act as a document management application that will allow the capture and storage of all documents received from the customer or any internally generated document that comprises a credit file. It allows easy follow-up and retrieval of all documents.
Generate any form required by analysts or relationship managers, such as BIR, CAM, credit proposal, financial summary, etc.
Offer a completely parameterized workflow engine that will allow the electronic transmission of credit files inside the bank for approval or rejection. All steps of this decision - making process are recorded for audit and future control.
Serve as a customer relationship management system for credit officers in a bank. It allows the full management of the relationship with the customer as well as the follow-up of major events, such as payments, renewals, meetings, etc

Bluering commercial main pillars:

Parameterization capabilities

The administrator of Bluering Commercial will be able to setup major aspects of the system, not only to reflect the actual business requirements of the client, but to provide the client with additional levels of control and flexibility which were not applicable before implementing Bluering Commercial.

Customer profile

Bluering Commercial provides the user with the ability to capture exhaustive information about the customer through creating a detailed customer profile that will be referenced at later stages during the assessment and analysis of the credit file and execution of the credit decisions.

Credit file

By preparing the customer’s credit file we reference the preparation of facility and security applications, in addition to the supporting customer forms, analysis, and financial reporting that will assist all the involved parties to conduct their assessment and come up with a decision related to the customer’s credit proposal.

Credit proposal flow

A Credit Proposal for a customer is generated once the credit file and all the related applications, memos, analysis, and reports are prepared.

Credit decision

A Credit Decision is created to reflect the conclusions reached from the credit proposal flow. Bluering Commercial provides the ability to generate a credit decision in correspondence to a credit proposal; the credit decision is also created through the system by the click of a button.

Document management

Documents form a major factor of trust, accountability, and legal formalities between the Bank and its customers. Managing the documents required from the customer for the facilities granted to him and securities requested from him is very important for the reliability of Bluering Commercial.

System reporting and queries

The system provides strong reporting and query capabilities to facilitate the process of analyzing the behaviors and trends of the customer, and to provide better statistical capabilities.