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Bluering Onboarding & KYC Provides Global Banks And Financial Institutions An Automated Client Onboarding And Data Management Platform

It enables them to achieve internal and external regulatory compliance, whilst saving time and reducing operational risk and cost.

Onboarding And KYC Allow You To:

Automate the Client onboarding process and reduce time and cost associated with it.
Remote Online Customer Acquisition and identity verification.
Comply with internal and external regulations.
Gather and centralize all customer information, financials, documents and transactions for a better follow-up.
Group the clients by segments based on essential information.
Generate customized reports that facilitates the analysis.
Follow predefined workflow in order to finalize the application and make sure that the gathered information are approved by the entities in charge.

Onboarding And KYC Product Advantages:

Parameterization capabilities

Onboarding and KYC Forms are easily defined; the characteristics can be modified regularity with high flexibility in order to cover the bank’s needs and the regulations.

Customer data management

Customer information is centralized and detailed, which enables the bank to conduct a full assessment and come up with a decision that serves the bank’s best interests.

Workflow engine

The application will follow predefined workflow steps; it will be subject to detailed assessment until the onboarding or KYC process is completed.

Reporting and history

All needed reports, notifications and historical data can be setup and extracted from the application.

Notifications and alerts

Notifications and Alerts can be setup to monitor data and alert users on specific needed actions.

Self service

Online end User Access to originate the onboarding process and update identity information.

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