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Bluering Retail empowers banks and financial institutions with the most comprehensive and flexible digital lending platform.

We allow them to automate their entire loan origination and lending process. Bluering Retail covers it all, from omni-channel loan origination to the final accounts opening and money disbursement and everything which comes in between.

Bluering Retail Allows You To:

Define the profile of required customers by product, through the introduction of an internal scoring system.
Define all policies and procedures and directly apply them at the level of the application form.
Gather and centralize all customer info, financials, documents and transactions for better analysis.
Have all post-lending controls such as renewal dates, validity dates, maturity dates, payment dates and others.
Apply triggers and quality control related to the performance of creditors, relationship managers and credit analysts.
Relief credit analysts and relationship managers from all the hassle of preparation and follow up of credit files and credit documents.

Bluering retail main pillars:

Parameterization capabilities

The importance of Bluering Retail is its dynamic structure that enables the Bank to remain ahead of a highly demanding and competitive market. The Bank is able to setup major aspects of the system not only to meet the current business requirements but rather to translate the bank’s visions into modern products that are controlled and monitored by a set of tools which were not available before implementing Bluering Retail.

Customer application

The application submitted for a customer should be thorough to enable the bank to conduct a full assessment and come up with a decision that serves the Bank’s best interests. The system enables to capture information about several areas related to the customer.

Application flow

After preparing the application and capturing all the data related to it, the user will be able to submit it to a predefined workflow where it will be subject to detailed analysis and assessment until a decision is reached. The application passes through several phases in the flow before a decision is reached.


The decision about a customer’s application is usually created after all the required analysis is conducted on the application. The system automatically creates a decision upon the final approval of the application. The system provides the ability to formulate the decision to reflect the actual decision of the bank in relation to the mentioned application.

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