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Bluering Microfinance covers end-to-end functionalities in one single platform. Originate, underwrite, manage, disburse, and analyze your microloans.

Accelerate your loan decision process and reduce non-performing loans through seamless automated workflows. With Bluering Microfinance, you can offer credit decisions in less than 24 hours and increase your customer satisfaction radically.

Bluering Microfinance Allows You To:

Create products on the go, such as payday loans, bridge loans, salary advance loans, POS loans, small business loans, and microloans.
Define all policies and procedures and directly apply them at the level of the application form.
Optimize your lending process by creating digital and automated processes and workflows
Have all post-lending controls such as renewal dates, validity dates, maturity dates, payment dates and others.
Gather and centralize all customer information, financials, documents and transactions for a better follow-up.
Increase your lending capacity and issue more profitable loans

Microfinance Product Advantages:

Parameterization capabilities

The importance of Bluering Microfinance is its dynamic structure that enables the lending institution to remain ahead of a highly demanding and competitive market. with Bluering Microfinance, products, policies, workflows, permissions and much more can be easily defined with few clicks.

Customer data management

Customer information is centralized and detailed, which enables the bank to conduct a full assessment and come up with a decision that serves the FI’s best interests.

Workflow engine

Workflows for processing the application, approvals and decisions can be easily defined and maintained through the system.

Reporting and history

All needed reports, notifications and historical data can be setup and extracted from the application.

Notifications and alerts

Notifications and Alerts can be setup to monitor data and alert users on specific needed actions.

Self service

Online end User Access to originate the lending process and update identity information.

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