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Bluering Risk Rating Module Covers All The Requirements That Will Allow You To Prepare And Comply With IFRS9 And BASEL.

Namely, Bluering Risk Rating manages all the data relevant for the calculation of ECL and CAR and allows you to generate PD and LGD ratings to all your obligors.

Bluering Risk Rating Allows You To:

Store and manage the financial statements and key financial ratios of obligors.
Automate the process of validating and approving financial statements.
Manage a complete and flexible approval and review workflow of PD and LGD scores.
Generate the LGD for all facilities of every obligor based on S&P Global LGD model.
Generate risk rating and PD of obligors based on S&P Global risk rating models and scorecards. The models covered are for Corporate, SME, Banks, NBFCs and High Networth Individuals.
Calculate ECL and manage all stages of obligors as per IFRS9 requirements.

Bluering risk rating main pillars:

Parameterization capabilities

The administrator of Bluering Risk Rating will be able to setup major aspects of the system, not only to reflect the actual business requirements of the client, but to provide the client with additional levels of control and flexibility which were not applicable before implementing Bluering Risk Rating.

Customer profile

Bluering Risk Rating provides the user with the ability to capture exhaustive information about the customer through creating a detailed customer profile.

Financial spreading

Bluering Risk Rating provides the user with the ability to perform financial spreading and generate financial statement reports as needed.

S&P risk rating scorecards

Bluering Risk Rating have built in Rating Scorecards to generate the probability of default (PD) and the loss given default(LGD) for the Customers and Related facilities. The output of the scorecards are based on the S&P Methodologies.

Excepted credit loss calculation

Bluering Risk Rating allows the user to calculate the Expected Credit Loss for their Commercial Clients portfolio using the ECL Module.


Workflows can be setup as needed to generate and approve different forms such as the PD and LGD Scorecards.

System reporting and queries

The system provides strong reporting and query capabilities to facilitate the process of analyzing the behaviors and trends of the customer, and to provide better statistical capabilities.

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